The Boomer Legacy


The doctrine of market infallibility

Choices which faced society could only be framed in economic terms.

Wealth creation was seldom could only be achieved by hard work and balancing of risk. All decisions were made by unfailingly rational agents. Everyone rose or fell according their own efforts. Riches were always nearly always seldom never acquired by inheritance, hypergamy, corruption, rent-seeking or asset-value-hyperinflation.

“Market Failure” was an oxymoron and GDP was the only true measure of progress. The sole purpose of society was to serve the economy and any attempt by governments or citizens to meddle in its course was seen as a direct attack on growth. Only monetarism, globalised free trade, deregulation, privatisation, liberalised capital, shareholder value, freedom of contract, small government, nimble competition, resilient optimism, increasing foreign investment, robust micro-economic & productivity-enhancing reforms and — obviously — completely unfettered investment-friendly markets could never always determine the fair value of everything, and deliver significant benefits for the ruling-elite investors stakeholders all.

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The road to zero    (Oct 2012)

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Back to the Futuregate: Everyone in the hungry 24-hour media was talking about relevance in world full of user-generated content

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Reporters at the Sydney Opera House [Jul-2014 328kb]

The road to zero: A globalised market where all tastes were equal and we voted only with our dollars

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William Street beverage hoarding (since rebuilt) at Kings Cross [Oct-2012 326kb]

One country, two systems: Income Inequality versus Wealth Inequality: we argued endlessly about the former while remaining carefully silent about the latter

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Woodcroft housing estate versus Harris Street Ultimo [Jan-2013 177kb]

Everywhere the glint of gold: Vibrant cities crammed full of soaring casinos, buzzing with energy and excitement

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Microflite City Helipad, Yarra River Melbourne [Apr-2019 314kb]

The best that money can buy: Of particular interest to ICAC has been the planning decisions along Canterbury Road and Charles Street, which saw some Liberal and Labor councillors voting together to approve developments which council's planning staff had previously rejected due to non compliance (SMH, 2017)

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Apartment construction at Charles Str, Canterbury [Oct-2015 329kb]

Tyburn revisited: Decades of infrastructure deals and back-room favours continued unabated

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Sydney Metro Project construction site, Martin Place [Jul-2019 286kb]

The convenience of Home Delivery: HungryPanda, Foodora, Uber Eats, DoorDash, EASI, Menulog, Deliveroo, Hey You, GrubHub, goPuff, EatNow, Yelp… We imported an underclass of temporary-visa-holding independent contractors to zip around delivering burrito bowls, bubble-tea and authentic pad thai (ABC News, 2020)

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Online food delivery rider at Haymarket, near Chinatown [Apr-2020 135kb]

Positive growth model: A bustling economy filled with baristas, bloggers, interns, cash-in-hand hospitality workers and itinerant artisans

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Lower Baldwin Street, Dunedin NZ [Nov-2017 294kb]

Creative Destruction: The most efficient way to neutralise dissent was by levelling the playing-field

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The abandoned White Bay Power Station at Rozelle [Jan-2013 206kb]

Wealth always trickled down: Our system endured for so long because enough of the electorate believed they still had some chance to get rich (Citigroup, 2005)

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Begging for loose change near Sydney Town Hall [Sep-2016 421kb]

Play the Tradie's Game: Contract for a knock-down-rebuild and then wade through years of excuses as to why it took so long to construct a simple suburban house

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Debris removal at Warrimoo. The original house was demolished in April 2020 and the replacement was still unfinished two years later… [Apr-2020 523kb]

Only a tap away: With interest rates at five-thousand-year lows, affordable mortgages were flying out the door

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Art Gallery of NSW window looking east, Sydney [Mar-2019 251kb]

Frictionless intermediation: Because the Sharing Economy sounded so much nicer than Government Regulation Evading Extractive Capitalism (NYTimes, 2017)

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Subterranean ingress and egress aperture cover at Watsons Bay [Dec-2014 902kb]

The golden hoard: Our cities were filled with empty apartments built for short-term yield-desperate investors

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The construction boom at Wentworth Point [Sep-2016 286kb]

Tourism added value: Tourism contributes towards complete growth and development of a country: one, by bringing numerous economic value & benefits; and, second, helping in build country's brand value, image & identity (Market Width Blog, 2018)

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Christmas Day tourists at the Sydney Opera House [Dec-2001 296kb]

Taming animal spirits: There is something more systematic about the way people behave irrationally, especially during periods of economic stress (Greenspan, 2013)

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Lunchtime in a George Street amusement arcade, Sydney [Sep-2003 326kb]

Cargo Culte: We lounged about in ill-fitting uniforms, languidly pressing buttons on small screens… waiting for the day He would return, bearing great gifts

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Palm tree outside the abandoned St Mary & St Mina's Coptic Orthodox Church at Sydenham, near Sydney airport [Sep-2012 355kb]

This weight of calorific delights: Just a spoon full of HFCS helped the processed food go down (Hyman, 2014)

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Candle wax at a Kent Street wine-bar, near Town Hall [Jan-2014 284kb]

Living in a film-set: Months spent wandering through a landscape filled with shuttered restaurants and disoriented diners

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Deserted food court, Centrepoint Sydney [Apr-2020 175kb]

Outside the property bubble: Runaway house prices were regarded as being not only acceptable, but essential

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Toorak Road for-sale sign, Melbourne [Apr-2019 575kb]

Life in the Bunkercene: The lockdowns caused us to cocoon just that little bit extra

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Martin Place hoardings, Sydney [Mar-2019 277kb]

The shadow state: Our top-down globalist system will endure forever

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North from the Empire State Building [Oct-2017 474kb]

Rust belt potential: Our suburbs were rife with agility, propagation and replacement

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Lett Lane, Lithgow [Jun-2019 483kb]

Jobs & Growth: Social cohesion was a luxury that could no longer be afforded

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Wall markings behind Parramatta Road, Strathfield [Jul-2014 564kb]

Forging a new deal: The transition from manufacturing to a service-based economy was completely seamless

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Derelict Ford truck at The Grounds of Alexandria [Apr-2018 649kb]

Tulips in the rough: Tax laws were painstakingly rewritten and interest rates kept artificially low, to ensure the price of land-banked property could increase by more each day than most people could earn in a week

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Irelands Road in Blacktown, western Sydney [Dec-2012 532kb]

In a fugue world: Feel the love through the acquisition of merchandise

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St Collins Lane shopping arcade, Melbourne [Apr-2019 182kb]

Both feet on the ladder: Everyone became millionaires by inheriting properties originally bought for pennies, and then flipping them at ever-increasing government-guaranteed prices

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Renovations in suburban Stanmore [Sep-2012 119kb]

Flygskam: One cheap long-haul flight produced more CO2 per passenger than driving an SUV for four months

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Runway approach lights, Sydney International Airport [May-2019 74kb]

Zero sum game: The link between free trade and rising global prosperity was self-evident: designed in the USA → marketed from the UK → manufactured by Uyghur forced-labour → shipped via Panama → channelled through a Singaporean marketing-hub → transfer-priced through Luxembourg → laundered in a Melbourne casino → banked in the Cayman Islands → stashed away in a Geneva Freeport vault → splurged on trophy homes, super-yachts, racing cars, helicopters, private school fees, casinos, parties, mistresses, divorce lawyers, bribes and political favours… in New York, Beijing, Bucharest, Riyadh, Lagos, Monaco, Sydney and Londongrad

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Shipping container facility at Tempe, near Sydney Airport [Sep-2012 286kb]

Unearthing the past: The house was gone and the yard excavated so deep that every trace of your childhood was obliterated

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What was once 12 Kensington Street in Kogarah [Apr-2011 424kb]

What this little black rock could do: We have to make sure this economy works. We have to export dollars. We have to realise we have a moral responsibility to other people in other nations to keep their lights on (Joyce, 2017)

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The Steelworks and Coal Loader at Port Kembla harbour [Sep-2014 66kb]

Non-pharmaceutical interventions: A command economy emerged in everything but name

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Taped off seating, Sydney Centrepoint [Apr-2020 203kb]

Multi-million dollar slums: Disintegrating verandahs; Cracks big enough to fit both hands; Aspergillus from foundations to eaves → The bones of the property seem pretty decent and it's got a fair bit of character

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Ex seminary on Forbes Street, Newtown [May-2022 595kb]

Surrogate activities: The illusion of economic activity was sustained by creating archipelagos of empty construction sites

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Green Square hoardings at Zetland [Nov-2018 310kb]

Click and collect: Socially responsible trading during yet another hard lockdown

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George Street boutique, Sydney [Jul-2021 109kb]

Keep doubling your money every 7–10 years: Dr Wilson said that Sydney was likely to have a $2 million median house price by 2030 and a $3 million median by 2038 (Daily Telegraph, 2018)

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Hopscotch squares at the Woodcroft housing estate, in Blacktown [Dec-2012 491kb]

Keeping interest rates low: No matter what happened, cheap debt could not be blamed

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Used car-yard at Parramatta Road Granville [Apr-2017 206kb]

Financial ouroboros: Australian banks are [indeed] very exposed to the housing market. Around 60 per cent of their lending is for housing. And housing is also common collateral for loans to small and medium businesses. A decline in housing prices impacts the value of that collateral but of itself does not necessarily lead to losses. (RBA, 2021)

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Ex-bank branch waiting to be re-purposed, Newtown [Jan-2022 187kb]

Luxury was a human right: Stand on principle on the way up and you would miss the stampede; stand on principle on the way down and you would be run over

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Even the pigeons lived in style at Hogben Street in Kogarah [Apr-2011 98kb]

Espresso Kultur: The al fresco revolution gave tantalising significance to our busy lives

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Outdoor cafe seating at Little Eveleigh street, Redfern [Sep-2020 394kb]

Thrusting for yield: The ubiquity of synchronised growth led to the creation of urban laboratories, to conduct social experiments imposed from above

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Tower cranes at Australian Technology Park [Mar-2018 217kb]

Dog-boxes in the sky: Mate, phone-in punters bought them off the plan like it was Christmas

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Spacious and exclusively appointed apartments at Broadway, near Central [Jul-2016 226kb]

Α Ω: Every last atom of our faith was poured into equities & real-estate

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Birrell Street front yard, Bondi Junction [Oct-2018 448kb]

Ponzimonium: We ran a Koretz immigration scheme to prop up the Madoff property market to keep the Henan banks flush

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Wedding Cake rock, RNP [Jul-2019 211kb]

The shadow workforce: The solution to mass unemployment was as simple as redefining what was meant by “unemployed”

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Red flags at the Circular Quay promenade [Jul-1992 475kb]

Reflating the economy: Old debt could be retired by simply taking on new debt

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Tumbalong Park attractions, Darling Harbour [Jul-2014 220kb]

In Goldman, Sachs We Trust: The financial sector was the bedrock of our entire social structure and facilitated massive cultural progression. Whereas the 1960s were squandered on aerospace and NASA, the 2010s had asset growth via cheap debt and the ISDA

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The financial district in eastern Sydney, with the rocket-shaped 1 O'Connell Street in the middle background [Jul-2011 128kb]

Agile entrepreneurs: Surveillance cameras [✓]  Motion-activated floodlights [✓]  Canvas-covered windows [✓]  3m high fencing [✓]  Steel chained front gates [✓]  Threatening no-trespass signs [✓]  Resourceful SMEs servicing a niche-market [✓]

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Domestic security on Neville Street in Marrickville [Sep-2012 422kb]

Improving inequality: Our elites were focused more on growing the pie than how it was divided

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Darling Harbour Marina [Jan-2017 139kb]

Canyons of gold: The decision to pour billions of dollars into commercial property turned out to be spectacular

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Castlereagh Street buildings, Sydney [Jan-2019 128kb]

Rent not Enterprise: […] that we here highly resolve that these mortgagors shall not have borrowed in vain — that this realm, under Banks, shall have a new birth of fiefdom — and that government of the landlords, by the landlords, for the landlords, shall not perish from the earth

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Vacant commercial land at Lawson in the Blue Mountains [Jan-2012 56kb]

Back-to-back meetings: Work turned into little more than sitting around a table and talking

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Queen Street office building at night, Melbourne [Apr-2019 147kb]

The customer was king: Everything you could ever possibly desire, at your fingertips

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Supermarket checkout, Nepean Village Penrith [Apr-2003 119kb]

Exuberant expectations: Great success and performance created its own reality (Pfeffer, 2015)

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Church Street car dealership, Parramatta [Apr-2017 278kb]

Filled with delight: Non-inclusive apartment developments on the site of an old gasworks

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Breakfast Point apartments (formerly Mortlake Gasworks), Sydney [Jul-2014 229kb]

Practising our future: There was always plenty of money for whatever appealed to our sense of adventure

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Abandoned front yard yacht, Kirribilli [Jan-2020 566kb]

Borderline conundrum: Self-service was self-defeating when there was no service to serve

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Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, unused self-service check-in and baggage drop facilities at Sydney Airport's T1 International Terminal, Friday afternoon 12:30 pm [Oct-2020 194kb]

Within Skinner's Box: Anyhow…™ we Thought Different™, Opened Happiness™ and Flew the Friendly Skies™ because We Were Worth It™

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Wall advertising, Pitt Street Sydney [Mar-2021 250kb]

The Moneyland luxe vibe: Prestige brands rode out the pandemic rather well

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Luxury goods store entrance, George Street Sydney [Nov-2020 252kb]

Financial kinesiology: Despite all the underlying momentum and near-zero interest rates, it appeared we didn't survive the crash

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Outside the Sydney branch of the Deutsche Bank in Hunter Street.

A security guard tried to prevent this photograph from being taken “due to copyright reasons”. A detailed and patient lecture on photography-rights disabused him [Jan-2012 135kb]

Not a house of cards then: People's jobs depend on confidence and trust in the financial and banking system. And I can assure [everyone] that, despite the very disturbing and, indeed, shocking revelations we have seen in the Royal Commission, particularly of late, that these issues, while as abhorrent as they are, are completely separate from any question about the stability and strength of [our] banking and financial system. (Morrison, 2018)

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Pedestrian footbridge at Barangaroo [Apr-2016 203kb]

Back in the CCCP: The centralised command economy disintegrated almost instantly

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Street vendors on the day the Belavezha Accords were signed, Tverskaya St Moscow [Dec-1991 248kb]

North to Avoska: Perhaps-bags accompanied us everywhere, before mobile phones

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Totes at Hornsby and Wynyard, Sydney [Apr-2005 248kb]

Creating value: From warehouses to office blocks to strategically empty short-term leases

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Motorways and the former Caltex building, Sydney [Sep-2016 122kb]

Twilight's last gleaming: We slid down the Phillips Curve until we reached the Minsky Moment

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Construction hoarding at Barangaroo, Sydney [Sep-2016 163kb]

Look back in covfefe: Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that's more productive (Trump, 1987)

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Trump impersonator on Broadway, NYC [Oct-2017 334kb]

Scaffolding to pierce the sky: To better embrace necessary change, our cities were framed within a matrix of sidewalk sheds

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One Circular Quay construction site, Sydney [Jan-2018 213kb]

Business service industries: The only way to counter economic headwinds was by being more nimble than the market

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Finance workers at Australia Square [Dec-2004 280kb]

Plan for robust & inclusive growth: Keep doubling the population every 35 years → boosted aggregate demand → vigorous GDP growth → buoyant budget outcomes → more apartment pre-sales → snowballing property values → windfall capital gains → wealthier property-investors → bustling streets → more toll-roads & shopping malls → more bathhouses, nail-salons & shisha lounges → less industry → more construction & business services → more mortgages → more prosperous banks → more stamp-duties → more negative gearing on property investments → more wealth-effects → more tourism & international students → more university & private college enrolments → more waiters, maids, au-pairs, fruit-pickers, concierges, nail-artists, migration agents & community-liaison officers → more subclass-482 & spousal visas → potentially higher rates of workforce participation → projected supply-side potential → likely productivity benefits → forecast greater aggregate income → increasing remittances to family & sponsors overseas → more money in everyone's hip pocket

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Front-yard garden gnomes in Summer Hill, Sydney [Oct-2016 569kb]

Defenestrate your livelihood: We mortgaged the future and bet it all on there not being one

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Waverton Coal Loader wharf [Feb-2022 671kb]

Stake your claim: A large number of neighbourhood micro-businesses flourished when manufacturing was taken offshore, resulting in vigorous employment growth among non-employees

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Small business badge window display, Wentworth Street Port Kembla [Sep-2014 598kb]

Flags of convenience: Our vision was to create a better everyday life, by getting our customers to do all the work for free

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The united nations of IKEA, at Tempe [Sep-2012 147kb]

Stakeholder: One could either use General Relativity equations to derive the Schwarzschild metric in n-dimensions, or else go shopping

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Supermarket freezer aisle, Katoomba [Dec-2003 98kb]

Attainder by process: There was no disconnect between the prosperity we enjoyed and the systematic initiatives we took to achieve them

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Philip Lodge Motel demolition at Haberfield [Jun-2016 391kb]

Forget your past: Architectural awards counted for little when it came to prime development sites

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Darling Harbour Conference Centre demolition, Sydney [Apr-2014 238kb]

Waiting for the great leap forward: From blue-collar brewery to the Kings of Kowloon, the third-world was just around the corner

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Central Park development, at Broadway in Sydney [Jul-2012 160kb]

Segregation now, tomorrow & forever: Only the best quality people could afford the right to live in their own city

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Distillery Drive cutting at Jacksons Landing, in Pyrmont [Jan-2013 321kb]

Quality by design: Exclusively appointed apartments riddled with gross structural defects

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Nevada Apartments remediation at Darling Point [Dec-2018 278kb]

Have a go to get a go: We voted conservative and lived modestly within our means. We worked hard, spent wisely and made prudent leveraged investments. So we deserved to keep more of our own hard-earned money

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Hopetoun Road Toorak, Melbourne [Apr-2019 185kb]

Driven by unceasing mobility: Remember the physical-distancing rule and only travel when essential

#2116 IMG thumb

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Waiting for the Cronulla Ferry at Bundeena Wharf [Aug-2020 297kb]

Stroking the hidden hand: Everyone was free to choose somewhat less remarkable lives

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Tents for the homeless at Wentworth Park, Sydney [Jul-2017 604kb]

Forever in Golconda: This time it really was different

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Charging bull statue, NYC [Oct-2017 252kb]

Knowledge-based economy: If you could no longer make a profit by making things, then you could profitably spend your time making things up

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The interior of the Queen Victoria Building, near Sydney Town Hall [Jan-2012 246kb]

Incentives to succeed: These truths were held self-evident: that the Rich were job creators and property booms were an efficient way to redistribute wealth

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The rear of a Korean restaurant, in a Pitt Street Lane near Town Hall [Oct-2012 324kb]

A million jobs Mr Speaker: Decades of monetarism and offshoring provided enormous economic benefits which were plain to see

#2020 IMG thumb

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Shepherd Street factory yard, at Marrickville [Sep-2012 337kb]

From blue to fluoro collar: Vast sums were borrowed to create a cornucopia of employment opportunities

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Re-tiling the Sydney Opera House forecourt [Jul-2014 159kb]

Down from the mountain: … and into the markdowns

#2088 IMG thumb

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Leura antique store [Oct-2018 198kb]

Covid Safe: Restricted trading hours [✓] Patron number limits [✓] Temperature checks [✓] Sign-in attendance records [✓] Perspex table-shields [✓] 1.5m social distancing [ ]

#2121 IMG thumb

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The Celsius Cafe at Kirribilli Wharf adapts to business conditions under COVID-19 [Nov-2020 325kb]

City of forgotten men: There's class warfare all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war and we're winning (Buffet, 2006)

#2038 IMG thumb

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Unhoused on George Street, Sydney [Aug-2014 463kb]

Too big to fail: It took a long time to establish a perfectly balanced equilibrium of collateralised debt and rising property values

#2052 IMG thumb

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Barangaroo office construction, Millers Point [Aug-2016 364kb]

Exit strategy: A bustling economy filled with secure well-paying jobs; With free education, fully resourced public hospitals and affordable housing; With robust social cohesion and innate sense of belonging — how could we have been anything other than healthy, prosperous and optimistic?

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Fig Street tunnel, Ultimo [Jul-2017 403kb]

Good sports with your money: Thursday night drinks with the GPS boys after the Dragon Boat Race; City lights twinkle far below the 32nd floor windows; Fetch whole legs of ham from the firm's kitchen to hang in the partners' dining room, then stash the original artworks in the ladies toilet a couple of floors down; Piggyback steeplechase around the associates' floor, although rearrange the desks first into a proper obstacle course; Even better, grab an old jockey cap from one of the partner's offices and use our neck-ties as whips; And then whooping and hollering and running and falling all over the place and pissing ourselves like it was the best night of our lives…

#2042 IMG thumb

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The ghosts of lawyering at Martin Place [Oct-2014 876kb]

In the circle of FIRE: There were such vast sums of money to be made from rents & fees & short-term leases & collateralised debt & asset management & asset concealment & asset stripping & short-selling & bear-raids & whale-trades & mergers & demergers & gambling wagering & grey-rhinos & black-swans & shiny tech unicorns & overcooked profit projections & 300-year visions & peer-to-peer lending & off-balance-sheet funding & liar loans & narco-state money-laundering & sequentially flipping cities to rideshare & family trusts & anonymous offshore trusts & Shanghai aged-care schemes & concealing petrostate billions & cloud mining tokens & golden moons & cash-for-visas & child-pornography & coal mining leases & terrorism financing & insurance fraud & lying to corporate regulators & rewriting independent reports & unenforced enforceable-undertakings & dismantling Bretton Woods & undoing Glass-Steagall & democratising currency & hiring ex-ministers as senior regional advisers & influence peddling & door-opening & impunity spells & moral-hazard exceptions & guaranteed bailouts & freezing customer withdrawals & using courts to quash insurance claims & friendly Wagyu-beef-washed-down-with-finest-shiraz judgements & swaps & options & swaptions & binary options & unregulated crypto-loans & coaxing punters to “buy the dips” & “growth phase” IPOs & CDOs & CMOs & CDFs & FICCs & REITs & FAANGs & SPACs & BATs & ELPs & PGUCs & P2Es & NFTs & BAYCs & BNPL & NFSC & FOMO & FONGO & concocting ever more abstruse financial instruments to conjure “assets” out of nothing to ensure money kept raining in torrents from the sky, that there was little point in doing anything else

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The Elizabeth street facade of the Commonwealth Bank Building [Oct-2020 433kb]

Go for growth mate: We'll get an army of casuals to collect our night-soil, just like a hundred years ago

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Outdoor toilet and “dunny lane”, Lithgow NSW [Jun-2019 588kb]

May be uncomfortable at times: Events were still on, motels were still open, restaurants were still serving food and pubs were still pouring beer (Ayers, 2020)

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Tour group at the Sydney Opera House forecourt during the summer bushfires [Jan-2020 265kb]

Decades of irrational exuberance: No matter what happened, central banks ensured that the market always kept rising

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Financial reporter at the Sydney ASX [Oct-2018 152kb]

Unyielding positivity: The ship collided with the iceberg → While acknowledging there may be evidence of unsettling optics and regrettable client experiences, there are nevertheless always glimmers of hope and reassuring signs of optimism; The ship then rapidly took on water and listed dangerously → As part of our vision to create a full circle win-win paradigm, it may sometimes be necessary to relinquish ground to guarantee future team success; Some passengers ran about screaming → Key stakeholders were pro-actively incentivised; Passengers then had to fight their way topside to escape → Partners scaled peak-less mountains to cultivate growth mindsets; Only wealthy passengers could secure a place in the half-empty lifeboats → Personal onboarding of inexperienced users meant there may have been some areas for improvement alongside numerous areas of strength; The ship sank, no-one came the rescue, hundreds drowned in the freezing water → Clearly there may have been shortcomings, but we remain committed to the safety and well-being of our customers and staff. We should note however that there will always be statistical outliers, where unforeseen technical and systems failures may cause processes to fall a little short of expectations

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Boutique shop-front, Leura [Aug-2021 123kb]

Dutch disease done right: Not to worry. If the economy works the way the textbook says, the gain to miners should flow through to the economy, causing higher wages and tax receipts (Gittins, 2017)

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Remnants of the 2000's resources boom at Lithgow [Aug-2012 304kb]

Potemkin Prosperity: The central irony of the financial crisis was that while it was caused by too much confidence, too much borrowing & lending and too much spending — it could only be resolved with more confidence, more borrowing & lending, and more spending (Summers, 2011)

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Fields of green shoots at the Westpac plaza in Sydney [Jan-2014 520kb]

Epistemic insouciance: Full speed ahead for the fly-in fly-out high-rollers in the sky (ABC News, 2020)

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Crown casino construction, Barangaroo [Jan-2020 183kb]

Bubble watch: Rising house prices were carefully manipulated to create more economic winners than losers

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Spectators on the steps of the former CBC Bank, Martin Place [Apr-2006 278kb]

The cranes were flying: At one stage there were more tower cranes along the Australian eastern seaboard than in all the major cities in all the states of the USA (ABC News, 2016)

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Tower crane jibs at Lewisham [Sep-2015 149kb]

Clip service: Legacy media could always revert to nostalgia for a past brimming with promise

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Testaroossa Sammy-Santino Mens Hairstylist, Double Bay [Jan-2019 364kb]

The engine of growth: Our generation reaffirmed the notion that markets could remain irrational for much longer than investors could stay solvent

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The window-display for Central Autohaus in Alexandria [Jun-2015 180kb]

Extremely well serviced: Only the wealthiest suburbs had regular bus, rail and ferry services

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The F5 Neutral Bay ferry leaves Kirribilli wharf [Nov-2020 192kb]

Ford to city: Drop Dead: Socialism in one class for Moses and Le Corbusier's bastards

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The southern ramp to the Anzac Bridge expressway, at Pyrmont in Sydney [Jan-2013 150kb]

All snakes, no ladders: We stuck to the plan, even though we kept changing it

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Subterranean utilities footpath markings outside the QVB [Apr-2015 773kb]

Curate your educational passport: The uncapping of university places accomplished exactly what it set out to achieve

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University of Sydney main quadrangle [Oct-2017 507kb]

A pattern of abundance: Full automation was the next stage in our collaborative journey

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NTP Forklifts (since relocated), at Woodville Road Granville [Apr-2017 237kb]

Practise social distancing: So we stayed home, most of the time

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Townhall Arcade foot court [Jul-2021 165kb]

The carnival is over: Those who took a long-term view were faithfully rewarded by the market

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Luna Park Hair Raiser ride, in the rain [Jan-2019 126kb]

Roses of Picardy: The marriage industry flourished despite the cynicism, malaise and lockdowns

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Private wedding ceremony at St Marys Cathedral [Mar-2019 371kb]

A licence to kill: There was nothing on your dinner table that wasn't put there by highly skilled transport professionals

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The “roo bar” of a prime-mover at Kings Langley, near Blacktown [Aug-2015 414kb]

Consumer kaizen: A culture had to be created in which our customers were prepared to kill

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High Street bus-stop, Penrith [Feb-2017 556kb]

Consumer karoshi: A culture had to be created in which our customers were prepared to die

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Market Street escalators at Centrepoint, Sydney [Jan-2016 260kb]

The retail ziggurat: The ideological apex of our commercial sector was the domestic-consumption economic model

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Shopping trolleys huddle beneath the mobile-phone towers on top of Marketplace Leichhardt [Sep-2010 374kb]

The emporium struck back: Department stores battled heroically against an invisible enemy

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Storm-troopers at the David Jones lift-well [Jan-2019 71kb]

Practical streetwise living: Stretch out in hygge comfort to snuggle beneath an extra blanket

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Pitt Street Mall food-court entrance, Sydney [Jan-2019 439kb]

Strength through joy: Everyone denounced the enemies of growth

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Suburban Toorak, Melbourne [Apr-2019 199kb]

Franchisee nation: The nature of employment changed. We didn't know where the new jobs would be, but we knew they would surely come

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Food cart on 37th Street, NYC [Oct-2017 328kb]

Braving the fiscal abyss: Despite challenging market conditions, and a negative return for your superannuation this year, we continue to deliver strong long-term returns. […] Significant market falls can be worrying, but staying invested remains vitally important. […] When we invest your super, our approach is focussed on the long term, to help maximise your retirement savings. But it also manages short-term risks in times like these. I want to reassure you, our members, that we remain committed to investing to help you achieve your best retirement outcomes. Bulk email from the CEO of Aware Super, 8 July 2022

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Waterrun cliff-side, RNP [Aug-2020 627kb]

Fierce, Wonderful & Closed: What little trade there was ended up bleeding out slowly

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Cafe shop-front during a level-four lockdown, Katoomba NSW. It closed permanently eighteen months later during another extended lockdown [Apr-2020 224kb]

Ghosts of the CBD: Governments had to resort to pleading, bribes and upbeat slogans to entice voters to return to the city

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Commuters at the new Central station concourse [Jun-2022 281kb]

The boom in retailing: Sell everything, take on even more debt and cancel Christmas

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McEvoy Street pop-up retailer, Alexandria [Mar-2018 240kb]

The user-pays model: We rejected the idea we should pay for things we would never live to use

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Government hoarding at Westpac Plaza, Barangaroo [Aug-2016 492kb]

Kriegsende 1989: Cheap goods and MTV turned out to be far more effective than Ostpolitik and ICBMs

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Stall on Tverskaya St, Moscow [Dec-1991 244kb]