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Go tell the Spartans    (Dec 2022)

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Golden mean

The rise and fall of the west glowed with unfulfilled promise

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Garawarra Ridge, Royal National Park NSW [Oct-2019 756kb]

Cruise to live

We were global citizens who liked to move whenever the fancy grabbed us

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Majestic Princess cruise ship at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal [Dec-2022 402kb]

Pac-Man rock

Eventually the environment will reward us for our diligence

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Florabella pass track, Blue Mountains National Park [Aug-2021 879kb]

Rewilding the wilderness

Civilisation was only a few kilometres away, although you would never know it

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Magdala creek, Blue Mountains National Park [Oct-2019 732kb]

Zigzag environments

Our infrastructure was forever being torched or overgrown

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Zigzag Railway upper and lower viaducts, Clarence [Jul-2019 717kb]

Home before the leaves fall

The mist was smoke and haze, the leaves on the ground due to drought and fire

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Woodford bushfire aftermath, Blue Mountains [Dec-2019 735kb]

Retro refurb

Tranquilly versus adverse possession

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Whitely Gardens on reclaimed NSW Railway land, Lavender bay in Sydney [Oct-2020 789kb]

Across the rill and into the trees

The way out was much easier than Papa feared

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Fern Dell, near Springwood NSW [Oct-2019 755kb]

Past escarpment

It was easy to forget how dramatic the landscape could be

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The view south from Thelma Head, Royal National Park NSW [Jul-2019 482kb]

Leave No Trace

There will come a time when it will be hard to believe we were ever here

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Fern Dell, Springwood Blue Mountains National Park [Oct-2019 836kb]

Unlimited potential

Entire hillsides covered with these things, just standing there not doing anything

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The lower portion of the Wodi Wodi track, near Coalcliff NSW [Oct-2020 941kb]

The way out was not easy

The unprecedented was discreetly normalised

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Florabella pass track, Blue Mountains National Park [Nov-2019 792kb]

Abrupt about face

The first explorers got a surprise when they tried to follow the rivers inland

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Glenbrook Creek boulders, Lapstone [Aug-2021 524kb]

A crown of ashes

Every Christmas we would gaze up at the pyrocumulus sky, exchange Bushfire Survival Plans and kiss beneath the epicormic shoots

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Woodford bushfire aftermath, Blue Mountains [Dec-2019 736kb]

Panoramic sequences have become commonplace after phones and cameras started to include built-in “panorama mode” options. Nevertheless, shooting high-resolution panos still require lens entrance-pupil aligned mounts and supports. Used to do this stuff professionally 1996—2006, and occasionally it's fun to get the gear out to shoot some scenes, for instance the aftermath of yet another Blue Mountains wildfire

Go tell the Spartans

Philip Oldfield, who reviewed Quay Quarter Tower for Architecture Australia, argued that the building is one of the most important of the 21st century, as a demonstration of how office towers of more than 100 metres could be adapted instead of demolished and replaced

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Quay Quarter Tower courtyard, Circular Quay [Dec-2022 402kb]

Precipitous descent

Decades of wandering through a hostile terrain, only to flounder in the sea

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Ocean cliffs south of Little Marley, Royal National Park NSW [Aug-2020 544kb]

This is a hand-held multi-image sequence, which had to be taken by carefully rotating the camera around the lens entrance-pupil for each shot. With a calibrated pano-mount it's relatively easy, but had to use my bare hands here as the mount was left at home to keep the hiking weight down. Nevertheless the shot came out reasonably well, although significant stitching errors in the foreground and ocean horizon had to be fixed in post

Tracks through the past

COVID lockdowns encouraged us to rediscover our neighbourhoods

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Tramway track at Darks Common, Lapstone [Aug-2021 900kb]

Beneath the steps

The smallest details were often overlooked

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Sassafras Gully Track, near Springwood [Aug-2021 631kb]

Public Private Partnerships

Local governments were prepared to go to any lengths to protect the value and amenity of private beach-side mansions (The Guardian, 2021)

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Collaroy Beach anti-erosion seawall [Apr-2022 568kb]

Features of heritage redevelopment

Mate, if you want to make an omelette then you gotta break a few eggs

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1920s heritage shops at Lawson in the Blue Mountains NSW, prior to demolition in Dec 2010.

This linear panorama — divided into three strips for easier viewing — was composited by hand from 62 source images. The master image is a continuous panorama 52000 × 3300 pixels [Oct-2006 341kb]

Peak oil

Rapid obsolescence was just around the corner

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Motorcycle parking at the top of Hill Street, North Sydney [Oct-2020 343kb]

A disadvantage of panoramic cylindrical projection is that horizontal lines will always appear curved. You can partially compensate by using Mercator projection, but often you just have to live with it. If the budget allows, you could print the image and mount it onto a concave backing, and then stand inside the arc to see the horizontals straight again, a truly mind-bending experience! (Here the master image is 15340×7670 pixels, which if printed at 150 dpi would end up being 1.3×2.6 metres)

Temporary respite

Spend all morning crawling over truck-sized boulders, before having a break and doing it all over again on the way back

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Glenbrook Gorge, Lapstone [Aug-2021 608kb]

At Darks Common lookout a few days earlier, noticed a family with small children wandering around in Glenbrook Gorge far below. Figured that if they could take their children in there, then it shouldn't be too difficult to walk in. Yeah right. Humping it over boulders for almost an hour and then slipping into the river with $Ks camera gear was not anyone's idea of easy. N.B. the “beach” in the image no longer exists, washed away by extensive flooding in 2022


These images are multi-shot panoramas, typically 120° wide and 38° vertical

They were assembled from 6−10 rectilinear images, shot in portrait-format and using an entrance-pupil aligned camera mount. The individual shots were then “stitched” to create partial-panoramas @ 110 MPixel in size.