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This is the twilight of the Age of Aquarius.

We may have spent the 1960s embracing the counterculture, but we certainly put it behind us when we grew up. Passionately held beliefs like Altruism, Freedom, Peace, Equality, Openness, Community, Collectivity, Fairness, Kindness, Cultural Progress, People Power, Eastern Religion and Free Love all went out the window. To be replaced by… what? Excuses?…

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Freedom behind the wheel    (Dec 2012)

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All in for open borders: Radical openness, liberalisation, pantribal sodality, anti-sovereignty, anti-colonialism, wanderlust, an international rules-based order, rootless cosmopolitanism, watch-lists, riots

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Confetti remnants of the 2012 Swans Victory Parade   (Oct 2012)

One way journey: On a sailing ship to nowhere, leaving any place (Yes, 1971)

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Cruise liner at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal   (Dec 2017)

Progressive cosmopolitans: Calvin Coolidge was right: we did enter a New Era of prosperity

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Bird cages outside the China Lane restaurant, at Angel Place in Sydney   (Oct 2013)

Boxing day specials: We built a fortress city, one concrete barricade at a time

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Anti vehicle-ramming barriers at George Street, Sydney   (Dec 2017)

Retrofitting diversity: The Sisyphean task of shedding our privileged milk-bottle whiteness

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Bent Street, Lithgow.   (Apr 2012)

Keeping the Sixties alive: The promise to a dead brother, the memory of a loved wife, the customers who only came to whisper and stare

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Olympia milk-bar & hair salon at Parramatta Road, Annandale   (Jul 2016)

Keep to the left: The great hope after the Berlin Wall was that liberal democracy would sweep the world

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Pedestrian passageway at Potts Point   (Dec 2015)

Despite the sisterhood: It took a long time to overcome the Superwoman myth

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W-H portrait session, Hurstville   (Jun 1991)

A new world order: We had to reform the social contract to grow the total number of billionaires

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Torn up posters on Parramatta Road, Strathfield   (Jul 2014)

Grand theft generations: With all the debt we created, we could comfortably retire to apartments in the sky

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Jacksons Landing at Pyrmont in Sydney   (Jan 2013)

Ghosts of the middle class: Historical data was of little use in a market which always looked forward

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Tombstones at Camperdown cemetery, Newtown   (Jun 2015)

Accidentally meta street: Why did the bureaucrat cross the road?… Because it thought it was a chicken. So why did the chicken cross the road?… Because it thought it was a bureaucrat

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Infinite regressions at Croydon   (Sep 2016)

A fit country for heroes to live in: With a place for everyone and everyone in their place

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Homeless on Pitt Street Mall, Sydney   (May 2016)

With peace and glory ahead: The Special Relationship underpinned our global prosperity

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Council kerbside clean-up, Darling Point   (Jan 2017)

Cathedrals of parking: Neo-Jerusalem, Post-Amritsar. We sat for hours in cantilevered pews to ponder the imponderable

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The north-western face of the Penrith Plaza car-park   (Oct 2010)

Sub judice everywhere: It became necessary to destroy Justice in order to save the Legal System

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Pursuant to s.8(e) of the NSW Court Suppression and Non-publication Orders Act 2010, the reason(s) for including this scene in this project cannot be identified for legal reasons.   (Sep 2014)

Hands up who wants to die: Live music, dead art, blinking poker-machines & slurred karaoke

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Nick Cave from The Birthday Party at Sydney University Refectory   (Jan 1982)

Клином the revolution: Despite a century of progressive activism, the Whites were not beaten by the Red Wedge

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Mega mall at Auburn   (May 2017)

The authentic self: The best we could hope for was to become someone's pet

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Town Hall arcade begging, Sydney   (Jul 2015)

A fair go for all: Everyone agreed that wealthy parents should be generously subsidised to ensure their children had the best possible education

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The well-maintained tennis courts of a GPS school in Stanmore   (Sep 2012)

We two form a multitude: I still remember the first time I saw you

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Abandoned shopping trolleys at Shoreline Drive in Rhodes   (Dec 2015)

Gone a million: The rich were always with us

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Abandoned Rolls-Royce automobile at Hiles Street in Alexandria   (Jun 2015)

A fortress of your art: Few noticed the post-modern irony of appropriating the design of the Naval Range-finding Tower MP-3 at Pleinmont

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Solomon R Guggenheim museum, NYC   (Oct 2017)

Ever mindful of cultural sensitivities: We tore down one wall to replace it with thousands of others

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Rear gate in a small lane a few blocks from the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque   (Jul 2012)

Laps around the sun: Quiet voices in a quiet room; The graceful movements of her hands; Warmth in the circle of her white dress; A few more hours and we were gone

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Turning circle outside Central Station, Sydney   (Dec 2017)

Prophetic methodology: Remember, do not stop shooting even if u see women or kids — no mercy is rule one (Haroon, 2016)

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Lindt Café siege flower memorial at Martin Place, Sydney   (Dec 2014)

Not propaganda, but an imaginative blend of art and politics: Only curators could reveal hard-won truths to CHALLENGE the white-male privileged discourse, TRANSCEND the slavish devotion to mastery and EMBRACE the authentic spit and scribble of post-modern maternalism, to address CONCEPTUAL nuances of chiaroscuro, scale, identity, displacement, sexual violence, ethnocentricity, LGBTQIAP+ equality, intersectionality, refugees, anti-imperialism and protean buoyant movement, to CELEBRATE the elaborately staged tableau-vivants of creative-collaborator's obstreperous children, peripatetic friends and outré pets

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Forbes Street studio in Woolloomooloo   (Oct 2012)

Put the person before the disability: Inclusiveness meant telling everyone how much you cared

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Beneath the Western Distributor on Harris Street in Ultimo   (Jan 2013)

Efficiency dividend: A land of opportunity, where hard work and fair play guaranteed a better life

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Darling Point ferry wharf, Sydney   (Jan 2017)

Break with the past: Artefacts of violence for a museum of the future

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TV antenna remains at the 911 Memorial Museum   (Oct 2017)

I could have drunk a river: A couple of schooners, a case of Smirnoff Ice Double Black vodka, a few more shots at the Dragon Lounge, and I was yours

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Abandoned refreshments near Gas Lane, in Millers Point   (Jan 2014)

Private splendour: The poorest people with the most expensive phones; the brightest children in the most dilapidated schools; the best cars on the worst roads

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Luxury cars gleam in the parking space behind a Kogarah real-estate agency   (Apr 2011)

Contumacious determination: The rule of lawyers was to nuance reality to the point where outcomes matched their client's expectations

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Addison Road community centre, Marrickville   (Sep 2012)

Strategic Hamlet: I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space (Shakespeare, 1603)

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Wharf Terrace disabled-access elevator at Lincoln Crescent in Woolloomooloo   (Jan 2012)

More than just a career: What turned the Fragmented into the Harmonised

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Revolving doors at the ANZ bank building, in Castlereagh Street   (Aug 2014)

Once I built a railroad: Delayed due to an operational issueCancelled due to mechanical problemsPostponed due to a train requiring mechanical repairsNo trains this weekend due to scheduled track-work35 minutes late due to passenger with a medical emergencySome services have been delayed due to a person injured by a train on the north shore lineRescheduled due to emergency track-workCancelled due to a staff availability issueRerouted due to urgent track equipment repairsLate due to mechanical problems earlier onRunning late and out of timetable order due to a broken pantographPostponed due to urgent power supply repairsThis train will be sitting here due to operational reasonsWill be delayed for a short time due to a fault on the trainCancelled due to lightning strike at PenrithNo trains this weekend due to scheduled track-workThis service has been cancelled due to an electrical fault, passengers should disembark and transfer to the suburban service waiting at platform fourRescheduled due to a bushfire at Medlow BathSuspended due to a derailing at CentralDelayed 211 minutes due to a slow moving freight train aheadBuses may supplement some train services during the World Cup qualifying finalLate due to emergency signal equipment repairs at AuburnSignificant delays across the entire rail network after a fatality at WentworthvilleTrains are running at a reduced frequency across the networkTrains will still be operating but stopping patterns may change at short noticeExtended delays and gaps in service will continue throughout the eveningDelays due to a customer disturbance at Parramatta earlierDelays as a result of a number of unexpected incidents including a tree falling onto the tracks between St Leonards and Wollstonecraft, and a fire to sleepers at North StrathfieldExtensive delays due to urgent signal equipment repairs caused by weather conditions at Zig ZagDelayed due to emergency overhead wire repairs at LidcomeSome delays of 30 minutes in both directions due to urgent track equipment repairs at Valley Heights earlierDelayed due to a person threatening self-harm at Kingswood earlierOther incidents including multiple self-harm attempts and trespassers on the tracks at Doonside and BellambiMajor delays due to a police shooting at ChatswoodNo trains this weekend due to scheduled track-workDelayed due to a police operation at AshfieldDelayed indefinitely due to a fatality at Mortdale

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Macdonaldtown rail viaduct   (Mar 1983)

Bewdy Bogues: It just wasn't summer without your feet in black Havaianas

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Trolley pick-up point, at Darling Harbour in Sydney   (Apr 2014)

Lotus, Porsha & Mersaydees: Part of Bogan Pride was to give your children the miss-spelled names of brands you hoped one day they would steal

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Excavation of an ex-service station at Bullaburra in the Blue Mountains   (Feb 2011)

In this sign you shall conquer: Iota, Eta, Sigma: to die poor was a sin

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South Head General Cemetery, at Vaucluse   (Nov 2016)

Under the rainbow: We had a moral duty to support freedom, love, progress, social justice and basic human rights

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Vandalised Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey posters outside the Imperial Hotel at Erskinville   (Sep 2017)

Find. Love. Sold: The sun failed in Rae street; an unexpected handful of rings; marry well and inherit big she said; and other practical things

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Project Halo at Central Park in Sydney   (Apr 2014)

Go hard or go home: The past was green, the present grey and the future black

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Harbour Sands at Darling Harbour   (Jan 2017)

Ideological discipline: One half of the population were archetypes, the other half stereotypes

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Cisnormativity at Addison Road in Marrickville   (Sep 2012)

Reject love to live in a cage: All marriages were happy and fulfilling; we all grew up in homes where our parents treated each other with kindness and respect

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Australia's wealthiest street, Wolseley Road Point Piper   (Sep 2012)

Without bias or agenda: Journalism is the pursuit of verifiable truth — it's an existential fight against conspiracy theories, fake news, voluble opinions, false balance, online bandwagons, talking points, against activists who claim to be in the truth business, but are actually in the point-of-view business (The Guardian, 2018)

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State of Origin victory celebration for the NSW Blues at the Northern Broad-walk, Sydney Opera House   (Jul 2014)

To provide authentic self-regulation: Your choice was very simple: be supportive or be silent

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The statue of Bruce Lee prior to unveiling at the Kogarah Town Centre   (Mar 2011)

Love is Love: 7 817 247 (61.6%) agreed, 4 873 987 (38.4%) did not (Cth Marriage Survey, 2017)

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Corner of Liberty and Trafalgar at Stanmore   (Nov 2017)

Redefining perfection: You press the button, we do the rest (Eastman, 1888)

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Laurie Daley and fans at SOH   (Jul 2014)

Mission statement: We auctioned the Glory of the coming of the Lord

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What was once an Anglican church, but became an open-plan dwelling, at Warrimoo in the Blue Mountains   (Jul 2011)

Bureaucracy is innate: The Board was my shepherd [✓]  Whose fixation on process and micromanagement [✓]  Circumscribed the essence of my soul [✓]  Surely goodness and mercy followed me all the days of my life [✓]  Provided I put a tick in every box [✗]

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Harmony and reason at the Lithgow County-Council depot   (Apr 2012)

Thought showers: In order to win-win incentivise our stakeholders, we did some blue-sky thinking to get our ducks in a row and facilitate a cut-through paradigm

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The Olympic Cauldron from the greatest Olympic Games of the 21st century   (Aug 2017)

True deliverance make: Be sure your sins will find you out

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Clothesline posts at Millers Point   (Aug 2016)

Bench blanket bingo: Cover, cloak, camouflage, cape, napkin, shroud

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Coalcliff station platform, South Coast NSW   (Apr 2012)

Virtue signalling: Who we read — What we tweeted — What we watched — How outraged we were — How we made it through the week

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An air-filled waver during the Sydney Swans celebrations, at Sydney Town Hall   (Oct 2012)

Nailing the lux vibe: Everyone was flipping houses and betting on Bitcoins; Every month the stock-market set record highs; Borrowers interest rates were near zero; There were trillions of dollars of global central bank stimulus; Asset prices were at what appeared to be a permanently high plateau…

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Living statue performer at Circular Quay   (Jul 2017)

Freedom behind the wheel: We streamed down packed motorways, clutching tickets to the road-trauma lottery

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Tyre burn-outs in an abandoned housing development at Faulconbridge, in the Blue Mountains   (Dec 2012)

Terrorism had nothing to do with religion: 9 / 11 = 2977 + 60 000

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Church spire beneath a flight path, at Rockdale in Sydney   (Dec 2013)

Crucify your mind: I really thought that love would save us all (Lennon, 1980)

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The exterior of the Greek Orthodox church of Saint Peter & Paul (since repainted), at Petersham   (Sep 2012)

Poly-dimensional facets: GDP versus infrastructure versus ecology versus quality-of-life versus unrestrained population growth

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Darling Harbour under the express-way, Sydney   (Apr 2017)

The Wall is the Wall: (Trump, 2018)

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Busking opposite Sydney Town Hall   (Jan 2018)

Survival of the richest: We spent our days counting our unearned income, in the comfort and safety of our own bunker

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Australia's wealthiest street, Wolseley Road Point Piper   (Sep 2012)

Community standards : The landscape was punctuated by eye-popping advertisements for agile entrepreneurs

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Dulwich Hill skate park   (Sep 2015)

How did we ever get here?: An unending mausoleum of reinforced concrete, seen through windscreens streaked with tears

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Ventilation funnels atop the Kogarah Railway Station car-park   (Apr 2011)

Foamy frappuccino in a sea of amber: Our restaurant and coffee habits were those of a thriving economy, not an anxious nation

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Empty beer kegs outside the Abercrombie Hotel at Broadway   (Oct 2012)

Capitalist idyll: The Colonel saw, the Colonel knew, the Colonel understood

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Fast-food franchise hoarding at Parramatta Road, Five Dock   (Sep 2016)

Vibrant isolation: Kindly use mobile phone — door knocking cannot be heard at back of house

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Young Street terrace doorway (since painted over) at Annandale — the quotation is from a small placard on the door (since removed)   (Sep 2015)

Raise the LED flag: The lights went down on Broadway

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Times Square US Armed Forces recruiting station, NYC   (Oct 2017)

Significant other: We loved each other like it was the end of the world

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Cockle Bay promenade, Darling Harbour   (Dec 2003)

Embrace your onco: The importance of corporatist sport just grew and grew and grew

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Waratahs promotion at Olympic Park   (Aug 2017)

Peace in our time: Vietnam taught us that the only way to achieve world peace was by protest, compassion and learned helplessness

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Palestinian demonstrators on George Street, Sydney CBD   (Aug 2014)

The week in heteropatriarchy: When this is all over, gender studies professors are going to have a hell of time explaining what happened (Valenti, 2017)

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Supplement Warehouse on Sunnyholt Road, Blacktown   (Aug 2015)

Allow plenty of additional travel time: Divided cities where employment and education were centralised, forcing the non-rich to commute for hours from the urban fringe

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Trains on the T1 Western Line pass through Burwood Station   (Apr 2015)

A few personal blow-outs: Success, optimism, power, glamour, excuses, lies

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Corner of Chippendale lane, near Central   (Jul 2017)

Blade Runner now: Why wait?…

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Times Square, NYC   (Oct 2017)

The sun shines on the Supreme Leader: The inspection of State Nutrition Outlet #2193 inspired genuine patriots to spontaneously brandish flowers

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Fast-food franchise at Old Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park   (Oct 2015)

Some kind of connection: Pets lifted our spirits and reminded us of who we really were

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On the Parramatta ferry to Abbotsford   (Mar 2015)

Logic had nothing to do with oppression: (Steinem, 1983)

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Egalitarian architecture at Wunulla Road in Point Piper   (Sep 2012)

Beneath the iron ceiling: Upward social mobility was bunk

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Lord Sheffield Circuit at Penrith   (Apr 2017)

Building a narrative of hope: Imagine…

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Strawberry Fields tourist attraction, Central Park NYC   (Oct 2017)

Cultural attrition: Civility did not last forever in a vacuum

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Wall graffito, subsequently painted over, in a Pitt Street Lane near Town Hall   (Oct 2012)

Empire of the self: Bring distant points of interest within close range by the use of this machine

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Empire State Building observation deck, NYC   (Oct 2017)

Trouble in Luvvyland: Decades of careful instruction about social progress failed to achieve the desired outcome

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Apartment building at the top of View Street, Dunedin NZ   (Nov 2017)

Staying on message: A bitter dialogue which reverberated for so long that it etched itself into the background

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Christian propaganda (since demolished) at Belmore Park Sydney Central   (Apr 2016)

Molecular cogs: Cultural globalisation ensured we could enjoy exactly the same products and services anywhere in the world

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Nike Savas installation at Macquarie Centre, Sydney   (Dec 2017)

A story of the margins: The parking couldn't be any easier

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Ex-Arnotts biscuit factory car park at North Strathfield   (Jun 2017)

The big day: The princess-cut engagement ring, the ruby drop-earrings, the fake tan, the lip augmentation injections, the brazillians, the bio-sculpture nails, the his 'n' hers best-friend tattoos, the effortlessly stylish top knot bun extension, the diamond and floral brocade corset, the lavender-coloured lingerie, the ivory patent leather classic ballerina flats, the stunning $20k bespoke wedding dress, the bridesmaids' hair extensions & wrist corsages & hand-printed banana yellow kaftans & frangipani espadrilles, the HRT can coolers for the groomsmen, the calligraphy invitations on acid-free card, the RSVP tracker spreadsheet, the pink-lady cocktails, the picture-perfect Á-la-carte buffet, the organic canapés, the plates of pillowy gnocchi and fennel salad, the delicious hand-selected vegetables picked that morning from the chateau gardens, the Nepalese prayer-flag napkins, the online gift registry, the honeymoon-fund jars, the Feng Shui seating-plan, the white cane peacock chairs, the hand-cut white peonies, the scented bee-wax candles, the lead-crystal votive candle-holders, the polka-dotted ribbon for the mason jars, the bubble cyclone machines, the phone charging stations, the funky beats from the retro deejay, the flashing LED hula-hoops to get the guests dancing, the live social-media feeds, the #loveislove tweets, the A-frame of ceremony rules, the toy guns for the guest photo-booth, the PolAir hovering above the reception, the holistic wellness coaches, the tarot-card readings, the pack of wedding photojournalists, the wow-factor troupe of wedding drummers, the juggling flower-girl triplets, the honour-guard of kids from previous marriages, the first and second and third and fourth dress-rehearsals, the last-minute bridesmaid replacements, the rhinestone encrusted complimentary selfie sticks, the Labrador ring-bearer, the two dozen pure white doves for the 3m tall vegan gluten-free celebration cake… But best of all, what about the hot pink ride!…

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Wedding-hire 14 Seater H2 Stretch Hummer at Luna Park, Milsons Point   (Oct 2014)

The 90/10 Rule: The Sexual Revolution was a tremendous benefit to women and high-status males

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Bollards at Circular Quay, in Sydney   (Oct 2013)

The Tolerance Paradox: Positive Discrimination; Denouncing Bigots; Countering the Backlash; Shouting Down Dissent; Correcting History; Equality before Justice; Parading Malefactors in Dunce-caps

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Freethought Book Exchange (since demolished) at Regent Street Chippendale   (Apr 2014)

White feather memes: You were never safe, for evidence of men's sexual and psychological violence against women could be found everywhere

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Anti-rape posters in Faversham Street, Sydenham   (Sep 2012)

$6.6 billion well spent: The media, top businessmen and party-members cheered. The IOC, AOCA, SOCOG, ASC and AIS conferred. Our Heroes puffed and flexed and skipped and hopped and leaped and kicked and twisted and splashed. Sharks were jumped. We paid

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The endlessly gushing tubes of the fountain at Olympic Park   (Jan 2011)

Together alone: A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step

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Newly-weds at Grand Central Station, NYC   (Oct 2017)

The well-stamped passport: Take another selfie and move on, criss-cross the world to only find yourself

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Group self-portraits at Sydney Cove   (Aug 2014)